How To Prepare For Your Sabbatical

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How To Prepare For Your Sabbatical

There are several aspects to be considered when planning a sabbatical: the introspective, the logistics, and the consequences. It is important to understand your own reasons for wanting to take a sabbatical. Perhaps you’re experiencing a period of upheaval in your life, or simply need a break from the monotony. Figure out why you want to take a sabbatical, and plan the use of your time accordingly. You will want to choose something feasible, and financially reasonable for your means. Sabbaticals are commonly taken by professors for academic reasons, or ministers for spiritual reasons.

Society typically has contingencies in place for these professions, if your profession has no such choice you may consider taking a shorter or less expensive sabbatical than what you had in mind. These details are career dependent, most careers offer vacation time. If not you will have to explain the conclusions you arrived at during your introspection phase to your employer. Finally there are the consequences, these should be positive. A sabbatical is different from a vacation in that there is a positive, perhaps spiritual connotation; gambling in Vegas most likely wouldn’t advance these interests.

If your profession doesn’t allow for a sabbatical there may be repercussions in the workplace. Plan for this in advance, know how your employment will be effected by your time off. Be reasonable. If possible, try to work out something with your employer that will satisfy the needs put forth in your introspection, as well as be mutually beneficial. Finally consider the impact time away from your friends and family would have. An extended sabbatical may not be a good idea for folks with children. Ultimately, a sabbatical is a personal thing, which should be customized to each individuals unique needs. Good Luck!


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