Ways To Spend Your Sabbatical

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Ways To Spend Your Sabbatical

Many people take sabbaticals every year. They can provide a welcome escape from the pressures of everyday life and professions. A sabbatical generally lasts for at least two months to allow the person time to adapt to their new situation. There are many options available to people taking sabbaticals in terms of destinations and living options. Some people who leave their permanent location for their sabbatical travel around for the entirety of their sabbatical, while others make a new location their permanent home for their time away. People from North America often enjoy traveling throughout Europe, Africa, or Asia, or perhaps settling in one spot in one of these regions.

One option available is a Vision Retreat, which is a period of time that allows for personal exploration and growth. This experience gives one the potential to discover personal dreams and goals, which can be incorporated into a personal Vision Story. The Vision Retreat involves selecting a retreat location, planning a daily schedule, incorporating creative work into daily life, and enjoying the process. Sabbaticals give a person a chance to view their living situation out of its normal context, allowing them to make any necessary changes. Some people also use the time of a sabbatical to undertake a special project that requires their full attention.

Many academics, in particular, do extensive research with their time on sabbatical. If a person does not have a specific goal prior to beginning their sabbatical, they may discover some through creative exploration during their time off. This creative exploration can include trying out new skills or areas that the person may not have extensive experience. These new experiences can give the individual the incentive to either bring this newly discovered skill back into their previous life or to embark on a new journey once their sabbatical period ends. While a sabbatical should be tailored to personal interests, they all serve as a time for an individual to rediscover their specific needs and goals.
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